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From Out of the Silence (1920) by Bessie Kyffin-Taylor


This atmospheric collection of supernatural stories by Lady Bessie Kyffin-Taylor was published in 1920. The First World War is an ever-present spectre – with perhaps the most shockingly horrific tale ‘Outside the House’ involving an invalided army officer.

Very little seems to be known about the author, apart from the fact that she wrote this collection and another (non-supernatural) volume called Rosemary (A duologue) (1918). It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has any further information. I confess I’ve only had time for a quick Google search on this occasion. I might update this post if and when I have the opportunity for further research.

From Out of the Silence [Kindle]

From Out of the Silence [Epub]

From Out of the Silence [PDF]

I’ve corrected a few small errors in the original text, but have retained Taylor’s eccentric punctuation.