How to read the E-books


The E-books on this blog are available in three formats: Kindle (PRC format), Epub and PDF.

Kindle (PRC files) can be read on all Kindle devices currently for sale, although some older devices will be incompatible.  You will need to download the file from the blog by clicking the relevant link – from the new window that opens, click the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose ‘Download’ from the menu. Next, plug your Kindle into your PC with the cable that came with it. Open the Kindle in ‘My Computer’ and copy and paste the file from your PC’s downloads folder to the ‘Documents’ folder on the Kindle. Unfortunately, these files are not automatically readable in the Kindle Reader App. To read them using the Kindle Reader App, you must first download Amazon’s Send to PC App. This will allow you to send the ebook file to the Amazon cloud and share it on compatible devices.

book 2

Epub files can be read on a wide range of devices and many apps are available should you wish to read these files on your phone – just Google (or search the relevant app store) for ‘epub reader’. You can then download any epub files from the blog and choose to open them using the relevant e-reader apps.

To add epub files to your Nook or Kobo, download the file to your PC from the blog via the relevant link, plug in your e-reader to the PC using the cable that came with it and access its folders through ‘My Computer’ on your desktop. You can then copy and paste the epub file from your computer to the relevant folder on your e-reader – as follows:

Nook: My Computer –> NOOK –> My Files –> Books

Kobo: My Computer –> KOBOeReader

Sony Reader: The process here is slightly different. Right click on the link for the title you wish to download from the blog and choose ‘Open with the Reader Library’. This will download the file and open it with the Sony Reader software. You can then add the book to your Sony Reader as usual.

iPad users can download epub files directly onto their iPad using the iBook app. Simply access the blog on your iPad and click the relevant download link. Once the book has downloaded, you will see a new screen with the option ‘Open in “iBook”‘ in the top right-hand corner. Click on this to add the eBook to the iBook app.

I hope this helps – do use the Contact form to get in touch if you require further advice and I’ll do my best to help!

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