About the Blog

This blog is designed to provide fans of classic gothic, horror and supernatural fiction with free formatted ebooks and full text PDFs of well-known and less well-known texts, drawn from public domain sources. Although the focus will be on texts that are difficult to obtain in a properly formatted e-reader edition elsewhere, I will also be offering better known texts alongside more obscure ones. Over time, I hope to expand the site by adding comprehensive pages of links and bibliographies on authors of supernatural, gothic and horror fiction. The idea is that the site will build like a part-work into a major resource for students and fans of this sort fiction.

A site like this would not be possible without the hard work that has gone into scanning and formatting these texts for Project Gutenberg, Munseys, Internet Archive and various other sites on which I have drawn as sources for these free editions – indeed, many of these provide their own excellent e-reader compatible editions and I will be providing links to some of these in due course. In taking advantage of this work I want to emphasise that I am not making any kind of financial gain. Rather, I aim to continue in a new form the spirit of making texts freely available for study and pleasure – the very ethos, in fact, which sparked the creation of sites like those mentioned above.

Where possible, I will try and include a textual note explaining the edition used and the online source. Please note, however, that these are reading copies only – students and researchers who wish to cite a text or study it in greater detail are urged to consult a properly edited scholarly edition, where available (I will recommend one or more of these in my posts). While I’ve made every effort to ensure that the texts provided here are in the public domain, I will of course remove without hesitation any work that turns out to be in breach of UK copyright.

Finally, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Tim Prasil

    Do you have any interest in Arthur Morrison’s The Shadows Around Us: Authentic Tales of the Supernatural (1891)? Morrison is probably best known for his detective character named Martin Hewett, and Shadows was his very first published book. As the title suggests, it’s a collection of supposedly true ghost stories.

    I ask because this is a tough volume to find. It’s not at the usual free ebook sources, but I managed to find and make a .pdf scan of it. You can find that at http://timprasil.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/a-rare-volume-unearthed-arthur-morrisons-the-shadows-around-us/ . I don’t know if you have the programs to convert it to the other formats you typically offer, but if so, this might let you offer something new!

    1. stylesofdying Post author

      Hi Tim – thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. I will definitely be adding this to the blog. I knew of Morrison because of his novel The Child of the Jago (I’m assuming it’s the same Arthur Morrison) but didn’t know he’d written supernatural stuff as well. Again, thanks for pointing me in this direction and for letting me use your PDF version!


    2. stylesofdying Post author

      Hi Tim

      It turns out that Morrison’s work is still in copyright in the UK, so I can’t include this on the blog. But thanks for the link – it looks like a fascinating book.



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