Uncollected Stories by Sabine Baring-Gould


Here’s a treat, if I do say so myself. Six stories by Sabine Baring Gould, most of which first appeared in the periodical Hurst Johnian. The stories were well-nigh unobtainable for many years (even the British Library doesn’t have copies of these particular issues of the journal) until they were reprinted by Sarob Press in 1999 as part of Margery of Quether and other weird stories. This volume too is now out of print, but Richard Morgan of Sarob Press has very kindly consented to my preparing an ebook of the otherwise uncollected stories in that volume. This means that all of Baring-Gould’s known supernatural fiction is now available on this blog – to view more titles by him, click here.

EDIT: As it turns out, there is at least one more uncollected Baring-Gould story, ‘The Witch-Finder’, which I’ll add to the ebook when I get a chance!

Uncollected Stories [Kindle]

Uncollected Stories [Epub]

Uncollected Stories [PDF]

The rather unfortunately named Brown Willey, which features in the story 'Crowdy Marsh'

The rather unfortunately named Brown Willey, which features in the story ‘Crowdy Marsh’

A quick note on the texts:

I’ve scanned most of the stories from the Scarob Press edition, which uses the texts of the original periodical publications. In the case of ‘The Fireman’ and ‘The Old Woman of Wessel’, I’ve used the texts available on Wikisource. As far as I can tell, this version of ‘The Old Woman of Wessel’ is the text of the original periodical publication – but the text of ‘The Fireman’ seems to be from a later American reprint of the story, which may be pirated from Baring-Gould’s original. There are only minor differences, however, none of which materially affect the meaning or significance of the text.

5 thoughts on “Uncollected Stories by Sabine Baring-Gould

  1. katie

    Thank you so much for posting these! So amazing. If you can get your hands on anything by Cynthia Asquith, that would be incredible (just putting it out there).

    1. stylesofdying Post author

      Hi Katie

      Thanks for the comments. I’ll get around to adding the final story (which I recently found out about!) at a later point!

      Asquith’s stories aren’t in the public domain, unfortunately, so it won’t be possible to include them, I’m afraid 😦


  2. kworkmeister

    What a find this blog is. I love find new stories, and revisiting many old ones. Thank you very much. When you are able, do you still have plans of adding the missing story? That would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

    1. stylesofdying Post author

      Thanks for the kind words. I will definitely be adding the other story when I get around to it, along with a little extra item which I don’t want to reveal just yet!


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