Ghost Gleams (1921) by W.J. Wintle


This is a collection of ghost stories by the author, editor and natural historian, William James Wintle. A prolific freelance writer, Wintle was later Oblate (that is, a lay brother) of the Abbey of Caldey Island, off the west coast of Wales. It was here that he composed these fifteen tales for the entertainment of the boys who attended the Abbey school. Although written for children, the tales in this varied collection remain entertaining for a modern audience and are notable for the variety of the phenomena evoked – from the ghost of a woolly mammoth to a fearsome attack by a Romany werewolf.

Ghost Gleams [Kindle]

Ghost Gleams [Epub]

Ghost Gleams [PDF]

Critical edition:

Ghost Gleams, intr. Richard Dalby, aftwrd. Peter J. Wire  (Ashcroft, British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 1999) [also includes an essay by Wintle, ‘Can You Explain It? True Stories of the Ghost World’]

Note: the painting above is of Whitby Abbey. There is no connection between Wintle and that abbey – I have chosen the picture simply because it seems to me to capture the atmosphere of Wintle’s stories!

5 thoughts on “Ghost Gleams (1921) by W.J. Wintle

  1. stylesofdying Post author

    There’s not much of a pattern to it really – I’m constantly on the lookout for texts I can format easily, and I have a few on the go at once. I’m open to suggestions though – see the contact form at the top of the blog!

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  3. nzumel

    I’ve read the first three stories, plus the two that Tim Prasil called out in his blog post. So far, this is one of the best collections of ghost stories I’ve ever read. Rather M.R. James-ish (which is a good thing). Thank you for reviving it for modern readers!

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