Haunted Scholars: Antiquarian Ghost Stories from Cambridge Magazines


This selection of tales by ‘B.’, ‘D.N.J.’ and another anonymous writer appeared in Magdalene College Magazine and the Cambridge Review between 1911 and 1920. The identity of the writers is not known, but the tales themselves are so reminiscent of the style originated by M.R. James (scholarly protagonist, haunted objects, strange old texts) that they must have been acquainted with James’s circle of friends, colleagues and admirers at Cambridge. Unknown for many years, they were reprinted in Ghosts & Scholars magazine in the 1980s and 1990s. They are now available at the Ghosts & Scholars online archive and I extend my grateful thanks to Rosemary Pardoe for permission to reprint the material here.

Haunted Scholars [Kindle]

Haunted Scholars [Epub]

Haunted Scholars [PDF]

Critical Editions:

When the Door is Shut and other ghost stories by ‘B.’, ed. Rosemary Pardoe (Haunted Library, 1986)

The Moon-Gazer and one other, ed. Rosemary Pardoe (Haunted Library, 1988)

Web links:

Ghosts & Scholars archive

Ghosts & Scholars main site

The main online resource page for all things related to M.R. James and his circle, it contains a fascinating array of stories, articles, bibliographies and other material. Click on the individual story links in the archive page for more information about the authorship and publication history of the stories of ‘B.’, ‘D.N.J.’ and the anonymous author of ‘An Old MS.’

Haunted Library

2 thoughts on “Haunted Scholars: Antiquarian Ghost Stories from Cambridge Magazines

  1. Leon

    Thanks for turning these stories into a downloadable ebook! I remember printing them from the Ghosts and Scholars site many moons ago. Good to have them on my ereader now.


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